Top 5 apps for children learning English

These are our favourite apps for learning the international language number one

Helen Geyer
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January 25, 2021
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English is the most commonly learned foreign language in the world. Being highly useful, it will be highly beneficial for your children to learn it. Why not introduce them to English in a playful, modern way? If they are already familiar with technology, you should give the following apps a try. In case they have not been introduced to the digital world, yet, these will offer an educational way to ease into it.

These are our favourites and users highly recommend them, but in the end it comes down to your and your child's preference, of course. Different methods are used by these apps, so we believe that there is something for everyone here. Unless mentioned otherwise, all apps are available for Android and iOS.

1. Lingokids

The best English learning app for children from our point of view. For ages 2 to 8, it offers games, videos, worksheets, audiobooks and songs - so your little one is sure to find a learning style that he or she prefers. Content is also grouped by vocabulary and grammar topics for a more directed approach. We especially love their child-friendly design and gamified approach.

+ Offline mode

- Many users experience problems with unsubscribing from the paid version.


This is a platform for teaching children English which uses an entirely new approach - artificial Intelligence. By replacing a human tutor with an AI friend, children experience engaging, gamified learning. Explanations and instructions are delivered in the children's native languages. Currently, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Turkish are available. If these do not include your child's mother tongue(s), the English version offers an immersive approach.

+ Interactive learning with speaking practice

- Buddy's voice does sound relatively monotonous

3. Kinder Lingo

For children starting to learn English, this app give a really nice introduction to the first 150 words. The vocabulary is presented in a highly appealing design and after each lesson, a test in the form of a game follows. This app is currently only available for Android.

+ Well-designed for younger kids

- Relatively limited learning (150 words)

4. Studycat: Fun English for Kids

"Fun" is not just in their name - Studycat offers learning through games for children aged 3 to 8. All skills are trained, so that the kids easily study speaking, listening, spelling and reading. We especially like the feature of structured learning which can be turned on or off, so that parents can let their children focus on the activities they choose, or instead let them follow a curriculum.

+ Uses American and British accents

- Relatively complex pricing model, as payment is by lesson

5. Duolingo

Intended for adults, this app does however have a very child-friendly design and gamified approach, which makes it perfect also for older children who are already able to read. It is highly acclaimed and a great way to learn English or one of the many other languages on offer.

+ Well-structured, thorough course

- Only suitable for older children

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