Top 5 media sources for children's language learning

Our favourite content providers for raising bilingual kids - where to find inspiration

Helen Geyer
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February 8, 2021
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When kids are having fun while learning, education becomes a breeze. Media contents can be very beneficial for this, as children love getting immersed in a story. Here are our top 5 media sources. Videos, interactive ebooks, audiobooks, you name it - we have got you covered, across all age groups.

1. Audible (Children's Section)

Reading books out loud for your children yourself is great. However, sometimes when time is rare, it is good to know that Audible has thousands of audiobooks ready in several languages. You can choose the latter directly among the filters.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Japanese

+ Wide range of audiobooks

- None so far

2. Little Pim

Your child is under six years old and a beginner in a foreign language? Then Little Pim offers the perfect introduction in the form of videos, to learn 360 essential words and phrases. For a more interactive approach, printable lesson materials and activities are provided. Like this, you can also learn a new language together with your child!

Languages: Spanish, French, English, English Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Portuguese

+ Many languages available

- No real background stories, focus on the words & sentences by themselves

3. Netflix Kids

It goes without saying that Netflix has a lot on offer, also for children. But did you know that it is possible to watch their videos in other languages, too, with or without subtitles? If you are a bilingual family, why not watch your child's favourite movie together in your mother tongue, including subtitles in your partner's language?

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French

+ A lot of content for all age groups

- Sometimes difficult to access other language-versions

Our tip: For easier availability of Netflix in different languages, try Language-learning with Netflix

4. Whirli

Some books will be re- and re-read many times by kids, whereas some quickly finish in the drawer. To find out before you decide to buy, try them out first with Whirli, a toy and book rental service. Currently only available in English in the UK, hopefully they will go international soon.

Language: English

+ Try-before-you-buy

- UK-only

5. Vooks

Love books, but looking for something more interactive? Look no further, because Vooks has a large choice of interactive ebooks. Most of them are in English, and for English-learning, we especially like the ones by "Familius™ Presents".

Languages: English + a few in English Sign Language, Spanish

+ Similar to personally reading a book with your child

- Almost English-only

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